Celebrate Shabbat with a Colorful Table

Celebrate Shabbat with a Colorful Table

There are as many ways to celebrate Shabbat as there are colors in the rainbow! Bringing vibrancy, color, and light to your table is a beautiful way to honor this day of rest and peace.

It’s often said that the memories associated with an object are what make it special. When we're surrounded by beautiful artisan items on days of celebration, those objects remind us of the joy of sharing shalom with our family and friends. 

As you meet to celebrate Shabbat or other occasions, those items become treasured reminders of time spent with each other. As the generations pass, those objects are often handed down as heirlooms to continue the tradition of gathering, sharing, and enjoying time together.

Discover our handmade designs and set your Shabbat table with decorative and functional pieces from our collection! 

Candle Drip Trays for Shabbat Candles

Our assortment of glass candle drip trays are a colorful way to ensure your table and table coverings are protected from stains, spills, and burns. The variety of sizes and patterns make them perfect for any occasion. Choose from rainbow menorahs, shades of blue heart evil eyes, or rainbow pomegranates, among other colorful designs.

Decorative Challah Boards

Challah boards are often used to protect your table from cuts and scratches, and to gather the breadcrumbs after the loaf is torn or sliced.

Add a vibrant touch of color to your Shabbat table with our glass challah boards. Celebrate the joy of sharing your meals with family and friends with modern designs including rainbow butterflies, fanciful tulips, or bright red apples.

Colorful Challah Covers

Our selection of cotton challah covers add a splash of color to your Shabbat table. Choose from vibrant challah covers in patterns such as Jewish stars, pastel daisies, rainbow torahs, and many other contemporary designs.

Small Trays for Kiddush Cups

Kiddush cups and trays are an essential part of your table setting. Like other traditional items used during Shabbat, Kiddush cups are often gifted to family members as heirlooms. Our modern small trays are a perfect way to add a modern pop of color to your traditional Kiddush setting—and give you a beautiful artisan piece to pass down to your children.

Pretty Tablecloths and Runners

No matter the occasion, our 100% cotton table coverings add dimension to your dining room with decorative hand-painted designs. Choose from our selection of colorful modern patterns including, rainbow frogs, blue hamsas, and rainbow matzahs.

Create a Colorful Shabbat Table in Your Home

As you get ready to host your family and friends for Shabbat or other celebrations, think of your table as the centerpiece of your home. With colorful decorative items that also have traditional significance, you can combine classic pieces with modern style to create a truly memorable Shabbat table.

Explore our collection of products with hand-painted designs and bring style, color, and tradition to any occasion!
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